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Along with our amazing chai we have over 120 types of teas and 70 types of beer from all over the globe. For the customers with food sensitivities or diet restrictions, we have gluten/dairy-free and vegan friendly meals, drinks, and desserts. We’ve also focused our products to be sourced from local and Canadian producers, farmers, gardeners and bakers.


Be Spicy

Indian and Pakistani Dishes With a Twist of Their Own

Our History

Remedy Cafe was the brainchild of Sohail “Zee” Zaidi. Zee learned to cook at a very young age, and in his global travels working throughout Asia, Europe and America, he dreamed of cooking.

Zee is a serial entrepreneur, and as he worked, he built businesses. His first stint in North America was as a New York taxi driver, where he brushed with the rich and famous and charmed his way out of robberies. (We advise you ask about his taxi days if you’ve got the time for a hilarious story.) He had bought and ran many other business Stateside, and this primed him for his latest stop across the border.

We carefully select and prepare each batch to perfection, bringing out the unique aromas and flavors of every bean for an experience that is both enjoyable and satisfying down to the last drop. Learn more about our locations and techniques below, and stop by to enjoy our Cafe firsthand.


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Without our community we wouldn’t
have made it to where we are today.
We believe that we need to give back as much love as we receive so we have and will continue to support as many charities and organizations that work to make our communities better places. If you know of one or would like us to get involved in yours, please contact us.


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