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Events at Remedy

Local Artists

We're so happy to be able to provide a space for local artists to display their art! Over the years we've seen a variety of artists using a plethora of mediums to express and create some wonderful pieces. Next time you pop in for a chai make sure to take a moment to see what's on display, and you can follow them on social media too to show your support too!


 Artist Spotlight

Check out our featured artists for the month!


Come by to see their amazing work, and support local.

Whyte Ave

Parishad Kavyani

Pri has collected some art pieces from several artists representing "Woman, Life, Freedom" in Iran. Each piece of work has it's own story, and all proceeds directly go to the families of whom are striking, or whom have lost their loved ones to financially support them.


124th Street

Daniela Quinonez

Delightful depictions of nature and animals that bring any and every space to life


109th Street

Nic Begin / Darkspray Designs (1st floor)

Hand drawn tattoo designs and illustrations

James Macdonald (2nd floor)

Art that explores themes of wildlife, environmentalism and primitivism


Jasper Avenue

Stephen Ferris


Heather Fryer


Artist Application

How many art pieces do you have to display?

Thanks for submitting!

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